inversión extranjera directa

The spatial embeddedness of foreign direct investment

The spatial embeddedness of foreign direct investment: FDI in social, cultural and political contexts
Responsable: Arnt Fløysand
Institución: Departamento de Geografía, Universidad de Bergen
Financiamiento: The Research Council of Norway
Duración: 2006-2008
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In financial analysis foreign direct investment (FDI) is defined as a cross-border investment where an investor intends to establish a lasting financial interest and exert an effective influence on the activities of the investment object. Our point of departure is that research on FDI should go beyond econometric measures of narrow data sets. We propose that FDI should be seen as consisting of capital, actors and knowledge, or what we call the capital-actor-knowledge complex. Each of the pillars has an accompanying analytical approach: capital-development analysis; actors-social field analysis; knowledge-discourse analysis. (más…)